Proven Pay on Results SEO Services

Are you tired of dealing with SEO companies that don’t deliverer results? Do you want peace of mind that comes with working with an SEO company offering Pay on Results Then look no further!


Pay For Performance SEO Company

We’ve worked hard on the project planning of our pay on performance SEO services to ensure we could bridge the confidence gap with our clients and ultimately directly invest alongside at the start of a relationship and work transparently together to achieve some clear defined goals whilst being on the same team.

Launching an online advertising campaign can be highly rewarding if you find the right approach that suits your business, but choosing the wrong kind of advertising option can be detrimental. If you take advantage of an SEOWEB Pay for Performance SEO strategy, SEOWEB will deliver your business measurable and easy to understand results that are achievable in a short and exciting time frame. Our entire process is geared around your success!



Our Pay on Results SEO Strategy Process

SEO Performance Based

Keyword Analysis

The pay on results SEO process is only a success if it’s based around the best and most relevant set of keywords. With that, our team will go deep into keyword & competitor research related to your target market with the goal of finding the right keywords = this is the lifeblood for the success of our relationship from the start.

Together with your active participation, we can confirm that your products and services are being found by the right people, at the right time in their buyer journey.

Pay on Results SEO Agreement

Onsite Optimisation

We invest time and resources into Research & Development to stay ahead of the curve and ensure our teams have a deep understanding of Google’s Search Quality Guidelines whilst staying up to date with any changes. Offering performance based SEO campaigns means our team has to move fast with technology trends and are staying at the top of the list of SEO experts when it comes to technical SEO challenges and general SEO best practices. The development of the target pages’ primary relevancy spearheads the entire performance-based SEO campaign.
Performance Based SEO

Offsite Marketing

Offsite Marketing is the difference between our performance based SEO campaign landing on Google’s first page and not being seen. SEOWEB focuses on the quality of inbound links rather than the quantity.

We know and understand how certain keynote links can count for dozens of others and follow the concept of white hat link building, which is what the organic search results are all about in 2020 and beyond.

Pay On Performance SEO Option For All

We put our expertise where our mouth is and offer Pay on Performance SEO campaign options based on your target audience being either a local suburb, an entire city (Sydney) OR a National brand/e-commerce store looking to sell country-wide.


Performance Based SEO Pay on Results Options (Local, City & National):

LOCAL: Small businesses targeting the local community (i.e. Alexandria, Parramatta, etc).
CITY: Growing business with a larger reach & catchment area. (i.e. Brisbane, Adelaide, or other city)
NATIONAL: Could be a larger business with national reach or an e-commerce store looking to promote a particular product category countrywide.

Pay on Results SEO Packages

SEO Pay on Performance Campaigns Include

1. Transparent Service Delivery

  • Reports provided for all work completed
  • Clear road map on our Google SEO pay per performance processes
  • Dedicated account management

2. Knowledgeable Team

  • Ongoing internal investment into R&D
  • Constant growth of our resources to support our client successes

3. Ongoing Reporting & Strategic Recommendations

  • Campaign updates
  • Technical support
  • Service delivery reports
  • Adding further keywords and landing pages
  • Any campaign related questions you may have

​What’s the best performance based SEO option for you?

We will consult with you at all stages to ensure the performance based SEO strategy chosen it the most suitable option for your business. The aim of giving our clients this low-risk marketing strategy is geared toward eliminating any doubt a client may have and ultimately delivering a well-rounded result that builds trust and credibility + a long-term and growing relationship.

Pay On Results SEO Based SEO FAQ’s

Does paying for SEO work?

Paying for SEO, whether the direct expense of employing in-house specialists, or outsourcing to a pay on results SEO company, will of course require a marketing budget to be viable. When implemented correctly, the return on investment from organic search visibility pays for itself many times over and should be one of the highest priorities in any business marketing plan.

Is SEO worth the money?

Compared to relying 100% on Google Ads (which is like renting a position in the search results), getting your brand a high search engine rankings in the natural listings is like paying off your mortgage and is a long-term investment that pays out 365 days of the year and 24 hours a day. Finding an SEO expert focusing on Pay Per Performance Google SEO like ourselves is a clear win and puts you in control.

How much should I expect to pay for SEO?

As a rough guideline, the cost of national SEO services starts at $1,500 AUD/month at SEOWEB, but we have clients with budgets to $15,000/month. Realistically, the cost of SEO services varies dramatically depending on various factors such as short term goals, competition, industry niche (some industries are extremely competitive in organic search & hugely expensive in Google Ads), existing SEO authority of your domain, is it local or national audience focused? and so on.

How we get paid for SEO Pay on Results

The SEO pay on Results agreement is geared around 20 keywords being selected and approved by a client and these keywords have no more than 2 of the 20 on the first page of Google. A client is required to give a small commitment (varying depending on chosen package) and doesn’t pay another penny until we’ve achieved at least the rankings of 4 out of 20 keywords on the first page of Google. In some cases our pay for results SEO service has been 100% SEO paid on results-only. However, being realistic it isn’t a good idea to work with any company that isn’t willing to invest a modest down payment to start an SEO pay for results project that’s 100% our financial investment to get you to the first page.